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  • june 30th, 2017
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A factory manufactured and pressed vinyl release.

Long established systems such as manufacturing plant minimum requirements, distribution periodic reports, record shop dealer prices, a bygone industries established RRP’s, the A-side and a fancy cover, are put against the systems of today, agility, self-distribution, instant analytics, connection, a constant flow of experimentation versus accessibility.


A small run of real-time cut vinyl.

Batch provides the label musical and financial agility in a manageable and preferred physical format. Clear un-pressed 12” vinyl, packaged in a unassuming, un-branded black disco paper sleeve. Both the artist and track information reside online with its opposing digital, open to be adjusted or even removed.


An unlimited, flexible digital platform.

This solely digital format is a testing ground for experiments and sketches in development, providing a different level of freedom not found in physical formats. Default also serves as a reference point and future inspiration for the label. It is the default for SM-LL.


Digital subscription, streaming and data service.

SYS (system) explores today’s listening patterns found through subscription and data services such as iTunes, Spotify etc. SYS serves to reach new listeners and listening environments, while we understand these platforms of convenience and the influence they have on the data they hold.